Unfortunately, in Pakistan, the state of education is far from ideal. The right to education is enshrined in the constitution of Pakistan, yet millions of children are still deprived of the opportunity to attend school.

The lack of education has a long-term impact on the country’s development. It is linked to HIGHER POVERTY LEVEL, UNEMPLOYMENT, AND EVEN CRIME.

Education is the foundation of a nation’s progress and development. Your donations will help ensure that all children in Pakistan have access to quality education and help the country move toward a brighter future.

The right to education is enshrined in the constitution of Pakistan, yet millions of children are still deprived of the opportunity to attend school.

The education system in Pakistan is rife with problems,

ranging from the lack of access to quality education to the wide gender gap in attendance.

The majority of children in Pakistan attend low-quality public schools,

and the number of children out of school is estimated to be around 22 million.

This is due to factors such as poverty, and a lack of access to quality education.


In Pakistan, 22.8 million children between the ages of 5 and 16 are not enrolled in school. This accounts for 44% of the country’s total population. There are 11.4 million children ages 10 to 14 who are not enrolled in school and 5 million children aged 5 to 9.
In Sindh, 52% of the children from the poorest families are not attending school, with 58.5% being female. In Baluchistan, however, this number rises to 78% of females. There are 10.7 million boys and 8.6 million girls who attend kindergarten through grade five, while 3.6 million boys and 2.8 million girls attend classes six through eight.


Since 2008, Relief Foundation International has substantially impacted Pakistan’s effort to improve education. More than 1200 students have benefited from its educational program since it began. Currently, the Foundation is in charge of two institutions with a total enrollment of more than 150 students. 


The Foundation’s educational projects include establishing primary and elementary schools, relief public libraries, book stalls, relief computer institutes, and other educational facilities and services. These projects have resulted in increased access to quality education, improved academic performance, and more excellent opportunities for the students to succeed. 

RFI’s relief public libraries have provided access to quality books and other reading materials to local communities and students. The Foundation has also provided educational materials and textbooks to students in need. In addition, RFI has been actively working to improve the quality of education by providing training and support to teachers.
The Foundation has also established relief computer institutes that offer students computer literacy and other technical skills. These institutes help students to develop the necessary skills for a successful career in the digital age.


Our goal is to change the education system in Pakistan by providing quality education and future skills for students in need, particularly those in urban areas who cannot afford it.

RFI ensures that all students have access to quality education and resources. RFI ensures that students are taught the necessary skills to succeed in their future endeavors. This includes providing access to computer and science laboratories and materials and teaching math, science, and English.

Through innovative initiatives, Relief Foundation International has positively impacted the cause of education in Pakistan. It has helped more than twelve hundred students since its inception and is currently managing 2 schools with a collective student body of more than 150 individuals.

Without proper education, these children won't have the skills they need to make a better future for themselves, or for their country.

Your donation will be used to provide these children with access to quality education, which is the key to unlock a better future.

Just PKR 4000 Can Help Provide Education to a Child

Sponsor a child for 4000/month with Relief Foundation International. By doing so, you can play your part in making a difference in the lives of these children. 


Your donations will help improve the quality of education, provide access to quality education to underserved communities, and bridge the gender gap. It will help provide access to education to children who are currently out of school and support fund initiatives to improve the quality of education in existing schools.

Your donations can also help fund initiatives to increase access to digital education. Digital education can help bridge the gap between rural and urban areas and ensure that students in rural areas have access to quality education. Your donations can also help fund initiatives to improve the quality of teachers in Pakistan. This includes initiatives such as teacher training and professional development programs.

Your Donation will help us in EDUCATING PAKISTAN

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Relief Foundation International (RFI) was established in 2008 with the mission of providing education, employment opportunities and emergency relief to communities around the world, regardless of their backgrounds. 

Through our efforts, we have been able to provide food, clothing, healthcare and other essential items to those in need in Pakistan and other international nations. We are grateful to Allah for the progress we have made since 2008 and we continue to strive to make a difference in the lives of those around us.

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